Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I always seem to fail or quit what I start?
Q. Why is state/mood so important?
Q. Why do I need these programs?
Q. How long does the state/mood last?
Q. How does it work?
Q. Will it work for me?
Q. How do I use them?
Q. Do I need headphones?
Q. Can I play them while I sleep?
Q. How many times do I have to listen for changes to happen?
Q. How will I know if it's working?
Q. Is it dangerous?
Q. Can I listen in a car/while driving? Do I have to have eyes closed?
Q. Can I use more than one program at a time?
Q. Can I get similar programs elsewhere?
Q. How are these different than Think Right Now! programs?
Q. How come so affordable?  Medicine, powders, therapy and live seminars are many times the cost of Instant Inner Power programs.






Why don't I change when I try? Why do I always fail or quit?

If you haven't been able to create long-term changes and succeed at achieving challenging goals, a big reason is because you haven't been able to control your states of mind/moods when you need to the most. Your environment/situation controls it.  Information-based "how-to" products will explain why you don't get desired results, or may even tell you how to change. But they can't help you construct the exact moods/mind states that make it possible for you to get yourself to do what you need to.  Wrong state = wrong (or no) actions.

For instance:

* All the diet books in the world can't force you to say No to dessert. Instant Inner Power will.
* All the exercise videos in the world can't make you get up and workout. Instant Inner Power will.
* All the pep-talks or goal-setting seminars in the world won't make you motivated to finish the projects you start. Instant Inner Power will.
* All the therapy or talks with well-meaning loved ones won't make you feel good about yourself (for long) or have a positive, healthy self-image. Instant Inner Power will.
* All the rehearsals in front of the bathroom mirror won't give you confidence and smooth-flowing words during your presentation at the board meeting. Instant Inner Power will.

If nothing has worked for you before, it's because nothing has put you in resourceful moods when you need them. Instant Inner Power will.



Why is state/mood so important?     Back to Top

Our state or mood is crucial because our states control our actions and reactions in the moment. How we feel and act affects all our relationships. How you feel and act in the moment can be the difference between success and failure, winning or losing...even life and death.



Why do I need these?

Because in order to achieve your wants, needs and desires you must be able to get yourself into resourceful states of mind, often in just seconds.

* How many times have you been nervous and wished you were calm--giving a presentation, taking an important test or in a job interview?
* How often have you gone to a social function and "tried" to resist the tempting snacks and desserts, but couldn't help yourself?
* How many times have you had a huge list of things to do, but couldn't motivate yourself to get off the couch and turn off the TV?
* How many times have you made a New Year's resolution to get and stay in shape, only to see the treadmill/equipment collecting dust or the health club membership abandoned by February 1st (or earlier)?

Instant Inner Power programs get you into the desired state you need, and they make it effortless. They put you in the most empowered, strongest state of mind you can possibly imagine. And once you're in the right state of mind, doing what you want or need to do becomes easy.



How long does the state/mood last?

As long as you need it to! Since you'll be guided to not only create a desired state of mind, you'll be able to summon it at will using your unique trigger to the anchored state.



How does it work?

It's an effortless 3-step process.

1- You will hear a guided visualization in which you'll literally throw away all of your unresourceful, failure-producing mental habits and thought patterns. These are the thinking patterns your brain runs unconsciously that make it difficult or impossible to get what you want, to feel how you'd like to feel. They're what's running when you feel out of control, when you feel like you can't help yourself.

2- Using both your memory and imagination, you'll be guided through a state induction process where you'll summon feelings of incredible inner strength, desire and confidence.

3- Once you're in the desired emotional state, you'll "anchor" those strong, positive feelings so that you can easily trigger the desired state of mind predictably - anytime you want to.  In a short time it will become a natural part of you.



Will it work for me?

Absolutely positively YES! Every human being shares a similar nervous system. It is this born-in characteristic that allows us to go in and out of various mind states/moods throughout our days. Each Instant Inner Power program begins with careful research to highlight the core differences between the mental patterns of those who can induce (or naturally have) a desired state of mind, and those who cannot.

Each and every Instant Inner Power title starts by eliminating any undesirable, failure-producing mental habits and thinking patterns first through a guided visualization process. Then, through your own memory and imagination, you'll be lead to construct the strong, positive, empowered state of mind needed to succeed (as it pertains to the program's subject). This makes the decisions you need to make and the actions you need to take seem easy, effortless and natural.

In order for these programs to work for you, you must commit to ONE THING--hitting the "Play" button on your CD player. The program will do the rest.



How do I use them?

The best way to use Instant Inner Power programs is to listen in a quiet environment with your eyes closed. Listening in this manner makes the visualization and imagination process most vivid and effective. However, you can listen at other times as well (while working, driving a car, doing housework, relaxing) if your schedule prevents you from listening quietly with eyes closed.

After the desired state of mind has been anchored effectively (1 listen to as many as 5-10 listens), you can then simply fire off your "trigger" to induce the desired state within seconds.

Listen to Instant Inner Power just before you will need to be in a desired state of mind. For instance, depending on the program's subject matter, you should listen just before a presentation, a test, or when you need to get inspired. Listen right before you want to exercise or before a holiday get-together where you want to control what you eat. Listen before a competition or important meeting if you want to feel on-top and unstoppable.



Do I need headphones?

No. You may listen with headphones if you like, but they are not required.



Can I play it while I sleep?

They are not recommended to play while sleeping. These programs induce very specific mind states that are not conducive to getting sound restful sleep.



How many times do I have to listen for changes to happen?

How soon you'll see changes depends on how you listen. If you listen in a quiet environment with your eyes closed, you should feel massive changes the very first time you listen.

If you don't see changes immediately, don't despair! You may need to simply get a little more practice with visualization and imagination. Keep hitting the play button! You'll get there. If you listen to a program 5-10 times you will absolutely be able to trigger the desired resourceful mind state any time you want within seconds.



How will I know if it's working?

You'll see changes in a few different ways:

You'll feel changes from within. Some people have reported feeling a comforting, positive vibration of energy as they're listening, or just massive motivation, joy or excitement.

You'll notice that the decisions you make will be better and the actions you want to take suddenly seem easier. For instance, you'll have a burning desire to work out and give it your all. You'll feel confident, strong and well-spoken giving that big presentation at work. You'll take that important test and remember all that you studied. You'll start new projects and goals, AND finish them. You'll say no to your beloved cheesecake, chips and dip or chocolate and feel proud of yourself. You'll try new things without feeling self-conscious or afraid of failure.



Is it dangerous?

Instant Inner Power programs are completely safe. State generation and anchoring those states has been used by psychologists successfully for decades.



Can I listen in a car/while driving? Do I HAVE TO have eyes closed?

Yes, you can listen in a car. Although Instant Inner Power programs are MOST effective when your eyes are closed, you may also listen with your eyes open and while doing other things.



Can I use more than one program at a time?

Yes--you can use as many programs as you like, depending on what states of mind you want or need to be in. All Instant Inner Power programs complement each other.



Can I get similar programs elsewhere?

Instant Inner Power programs are unique--there is nothing like them in existence today! Nowhere will you find complete NLP anchoring sessions that you can use for yourself in the comfort of your own home. Until now, many NLP patterns have been limited to being carried out in expensive seminars or therapy sessions with trained practitioners at high costs.



How do these compare to Think Right Now programs?

Think Right Now programs are success conditioning programs that use accelerated learning techniques to change your innermost core beliefs. Through daily/nightly listening in a relaxed or sleeping state, or by playing in the background, they hammer away at the longstanding, unhealthy or undesirable habits, patterns and attitudes you have had for decades or life, and transform them into ones that are strong, powerful, positive and success-producing.

Think Right Now programs are the perfect complement to Instant Inner Power programs! Instant Inner Power programs help you control your instantaneous moods or states of mind in the moment when you need them most, and Think Right Now programs transform your long term foundational beliefs and patterns to further support your desired states of mind at a given time, and your resulting actions and decisions. This two-pronged approach is unbeatable!



How come so affordable? Medicine, powders, therapy and live seminars are many times the cost of Instant Inner Power programs.

Audio programs allow me to help many more people than the time restrictions of one-on-one counseling or live seminars allow. Because it takes very little time to help someone make radical changes after each Instant Inner Power program is created, it was decided to keep the prices super low so that the maximum number of people can own them. I wanted to help the masses--not just a select few for whom money is not an issue.





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