This Demonstration Session Is Program 2
[The 2nd half] of Instant Invincibility

How to listen:

  • Get excited because you've never felt anything like this before.

  • Set aside about 30 minutes for the session.

  • Go somewhere you cannot be disturbed by phones, TV or any other potential distractions.  It is important that your concentration not be broken while listening.  Do NOT listen to this demo while doing something else.

  • Sit in a comfortable chair - do not lie down.

  • Keep your EYES CLOSED during the entire session. 

  • Before you begin, think of one person who, to you, exemplifies the ultimate in confidence, strong-mindedness and determination. This person can be someone you know or just know of.  This powerful person can be from the past, the present or even be a fictional character.

  • Get ready to have the experience of your life!

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